Meet Us at The Largest Blogger Gathering in Malaysia, MINES on 14 Dec 2013!

I am very excited to invited by the organiser, MYNIC @ BLOGRRR event on my first time!  It is FREE Admission for all bloggers, non-bloggers, geeks, families, facebookers, photographers, profesionals, and many people around the world! Google Malaysia, MYNIC, Shopifty, Harian Metro and other experts will share the blogging tips in their classes during this events!

For all bloggers, come to break the record for ‘Largest Blogger Gathering’ in The Malaysia Book of Records! If you wish to particpate this, please go to the registration to participate in the largest gathering of bloggers in Malaysia. Free T-shirt blogrrr 'Limited Edition' distributed on 14 Dec, MIECC at

#blogrrr: Blogger Most Wanted 2013 is an event to appreciate and acknowledge Malaysian blog writers in utilising information technology advancement in Malaysia and become the representative of Malaysia's voice in the virtual realm.

You should not MISS this event below;
  • Opportunity to meet readers and followers 
  • Finding out everything you need to know about social media
  • Understanding the power of social networking
  • Discovering proper etiquette and handling of blogs 
  • Obtaining knowledge for growing business with the latest social media technology, methods and tools
  • Improving the look and functionality of online content
  • Building your brand using social media
  • Communicating effectively with the blogging community
  • Interacting and networking with a mix of social media experts, business bloggers, and brand marketers
  • Educate the people on the pros and cons of blogging

There will be 12 mini seminars during the event. Each topic will be very useful, practical, and informative to guide you in blogging acivities.

This inaugural event will gather around 10,000 bloggers and visitors. This event will definitely be an eye opener for participants to gain the knowledge and exchange ideas, as well as foster business relationships.

Join the largest blogger gathering in Malaysia ever! We're calling all geeks, fashionistas, blogoholics, hipsters and avid blog readers to join us for this special day. 14 December 2013. MIECC. MINES. See you there!

If you are blogger, you still have more chance to get the different of awards; Best Blogshop (for blog that sells online), Best IT & Gadget Blog, Art & Photography Blog, Entertainment Blog, Food & Travel Blog, Sports Blog, Fashion & Beauty Blog, Family & Health Blog, Personal Blog and Automotive Blog! Now, register your own blog -

And Meet them in real life, get in touch and then blog about it. Surely an amazing experience awaits you!

Source info & images by blogrrr @ mynic

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