Top Social Media As Anime Characters!

I love the Firefox!
I was surfing the social media in Google until I found the amazing of anime characters drawing by Jon-Lock on deviantART, make me fell love with this drawing so very cute! Many anime fans sure love the Social Media Anime characters! For me, I prefer the handsome guys; Chrome, Firefox and Tumblr! I love cute Twitter, and Pinterest because they are playful and love freedom! I never expect Facebook is very sexy girl, wah... Sure, many millions joined the Facebook!

Google Chrome
Twitter and Facebook
Google Chrome and Tumblr - best friends!
DeviantArt VS Youtube
Follow him on Jon-Lock on Tumblr

Last time, I was young and always draw more characters as I love. My friends always remember my old drawing. They told me that they never forget what I draw in their life! I always felt like want to draw anime again!

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