Advertisement is my WOW!

WhoHAA, sounds like scream of "excitement" when you are experiencing to get more amazing prizes while collecting some points! WhoHAA let members are able to earn WhoHAA points to redeem for the sponsors's prizes by answering the questions to understanding the sponsors' details on the advertisements only! It is very EASY!

You can join this WhoHAA as just register for FREE only! No need FEES. You will be rewarded when WhoHAA organised the competition or event and can share with your friends via facebook and twitter. How you do it after you be WhoHAA member? Easy and Simple only!

First time, you see "Earn Points" and click it. You can see many advertisements there. For example, you click one of sponsors list of advertisement like the sample photo below;

The questions are EASY only, you can find the answer when you understand the advertisement poster only! You can give easy answer, watch video and visit the website link only as you earn more points.

If you want to know the results of points that you collected, you can check on "My Account" at top and can explore more from your account WhoHAA - see the sample photo like below;

I success to recruit my deaf friends as WhoHAA member to earn 100 points, cool! You can see many prizes which you want to redeem at "Redeem Buy"! Now, they enjoyed to play around WhoHAA Haha, so why you don't give a try? :D


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