Get FREE movie tickets @ @ SAYS Secret HideOut

Last Thursday, my close friend and I went to collect the FREE tickets from office. She told me that she won FREE tickets on her first time after I teach her about how to enter the contest and make money online at and in a short time only! It make me shocked!!

We always looking for their secret hideout @ Bandar Utama! Finally, we reached their office. My close friend claimed to get 2 tickest @ Korean FLU movie. (Watch their trailer)

This is the deco of SAYS!
The staffs are playing the "Ping Pong" and other staffs are working so flexible..
This is a relaxing place, let the colleagues who enjoy to chat and sleep with the toys!

She busy to talk with another staff about how to set up the business with social media and idea. So, I took my time to take some photos around SAYS's office! Their office is modern, and creative-style on their own freedom, mean they can enjoy to post many photos, draw on the wall or play the fun environment! It make them felt comfortable to stay home.

They congrats to my close friend, because this is first time she excited to get free 2 tickets - Korean FLU movie! She is lucky because me! Hahha. Now she is hardworking to get more tickets for the the latest movies! Haha.

How she won FREE 2x tickets on 2 times - Korean FLU  and Malavita movie? 
 First   - she registered her name under me - (FREE membership)
  Two   - she only did share/write creative status on the links on her Facebook and Twitter
  Three - @ Klips send the email/ SMS to her that she already won it so easily!

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p/s: Depends on how many chance you to win the FREE tickets. She can ask her friends to click her links so easily, until 8 chances!! O.O I got 5 - 6 chances only. Hehe.  Great! 

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