Deafmoolah Smart Financial & Career Fair @ Sunway University College

Deafmoolah Financial and Career Fair 2013
will be a unique event for People with Disabilities (PWDs/OKU) to meet and associate with business communities/public - sharing of ideas around the theme "Bringing OKU and Business Community Together". This is a community project initiated by Deafmoolah with the aim to promote Financial Literacy and Career Opportunities for PWDs/OKU.

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The 2 days event will include many activities including key topics on career and financial matters, concurrent sessions by experts and professional speakers, exhibition booths, talks, sharing sessions, games and lucky draws.

If you interested in our Financial & Career Fair @ Sunway College, please click below;
Panelist Topic: “Bringing the OKU and Business Community Together”
We have arranged an exciting panel of representatives, both hearing and
deaf from the OKU and Business communities to share and discuss ideas around the theme ‘Bringing the OKU and Business Community Together’.
Good news, we also welcome a new Panelist, James Chua who is DeafMoolah’s Co-Founder! We aim to support the OKU community in living
with more dignity and bring them together to build the social and business communities together.

Get to know more about the Panelists Page!”


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