SW Magic: Nuffnang Credit Card Design #2

Before this, I designed the D-Heart credit card for the youth generation and Deaf community, this is very interesting and creative sign language! Read my previous post #1

I have designed a new credit card for the youth generation.Today, the Gen-Y are very expressive in their thoughts and digitally creative. They are also extremely tech-savvy and love to be connected with each other via various types of social networks!

The colorful theme that I used for the youth generation help to indicate that they are very imaginative type of people and havetheir own unique ways of freedom to experience different cultures and languages. In another words, the youth generation today are bold and daring in facing a brand new experience!

The words "Believe in Magic", means that most of the youths are living in a world of magic which is connected by silver techology that allow us to live in ease! Nowadays, the youths are so proficient in the technology world that it allows them to connect to each other via this magic regardless of their locations. Technology are like a magic, it can helps a person to be more extroverted and outgoing while maintaining a safe social distance via various social networks. Apart form that, the cubes indicate that youth can use these magical technology to help them to think out of a box by becoming an enterpriser or a creative person!

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Mahamahu said…
Wow nice congratulation and your design so cool...
Selina Wing said…
Thank you, Mahamahu! :D