Sushi Zanmai @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

Last month, I am very hungry, then I asked my youngest sister who came to rescue me from my workplace! We decided to eat the Sushi Zanmai @ Paradigm Mall because we don't want to be struck in traffic jam, so we eat dinner first!

I saw many people queued so long at Sushi Zanmai on everytime when I came to paradigm Mall on many times! I am sure that many people love it! My sis and I don't mind and just wait for 20 minutes only, no problem! We ordered 4 dishes only, the total of bill are around RM 52.60 only, included 10% service charge, and 5% tax. I felt the Sushi Zanmai food really are different and new than Sushi King and Sushi Sakae!

Sorry, I cannot remember about what name on the sushi food which we ordered! All are yummy and have good taste! It make me very hungry and rush to! There are the Sushi zanmai on the plate colours; the prices - Blue @ RM2.80, Pink @ RM3.80, Black @ RM4.80 and Red @ RM6.00, if you sit near the sushi corners, lucky. 

More interesting about the special promotion menu which given to us, it make the custromers can come back to Sushi Zanmai again, then try different new on the promotion every month, it is very smart way to attract more custromers!

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