San Nae Deul, Korean BBQ @ SetiaWalk, Puchong


My best friend and I went out to SetiaWalk, Puchong on last 2 months ago. We are very tired after work, and want to try different new because SetiaWalk still attracted more people since many pubs and restaurants opened on every evening till night only. First time, we heard new Korean BBQ, "San Nae Deul", and saw a cute logo, two cows wear Korean costume as couple! When we entered in this restuarant, we felt this place are very bigger and more space, but just simple only.

We enjoyed to watch a comedy Korean Survival Show @ LCD TV while we are waiting for our order dishes! Finally, there are 10 side dishes on our table. We felt that it is similar as Daerae Korean BBQ restaurant.We only ordered 1 meat, normal pork only. And another two dishes; Mixed Vege-Korean Rice and Spicy Kimchi Soup.


But, I cannot stand at the spicy kimchi soup!! Lucky, we got 1 cold water bottle. If one finish, they can give me one free bottle again!! We can enjoy to drink cold water as we want. After this, we given the dessert; melon fruit, sorry I forget to take this photo. :P

We really enjoyed to eat Korean BBQ at same time, we always talked about the Korean Show Drama, its very stupid and funny! It's quiet but, some people still come to eat this restaurant. I saw few tables can have 2 - 6 people in this place. :) I felt that this taste looks good. The staffs are friendly and understand us as Deaf. One staff to serve us so nicely and help to cook the pork meat BBQ for us. Hehe.

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