Game Review: Happy Street on Android

Happy Street is very cute cartoon game where you inhabit a world where everyone is happy, and you build your village, craft things, play mini games, fish, and many..! I saw my youngest sister always play the attractive game on everytime! I want to play it, so I installed Happy Street on Android!

When I started to play it, I busy to collected some floozs to purchase the special buildings related to the theme of celebration only. When I make to build some shops, it can increase my earning coins because I must expand the space so much, just like the village will grew up to be big "Happy City"! Haha. I also discover unique place outside the village on the map world. And I also met my friends who I invited to play together on the "friends' world". Please see the youtube below;

Now, my level is 30 already. It is not easy to level up when I play it, and always seek help from my sis, cousins, and best friend. They always help me to build new special one! Thanks to them. :) 

Tips/Tricks for gaining more flooz:
  • Always complete the quests from Pepin first, gain more flooz and coins
  • If you want more flooz in a day, you should put buses and taxi, next to fortune wheel and dungeon game. You better try it, you will know it ya!
  • Everyday, you must 3 friends on your list of friends, gain more flooz.
  • Level up on the dungeon game and fortune wheel to level 3, it will have 2 flooz
If you think this game need to be online on Internet? No! It can play offline too. I can play this game as I enjoyed so much while no internet only. You can play this game on anywhere, anytime. But, if you need more flooz, just need free wifi or internet because you will visit your friends to gain 3 flooz per day, right?

There are any tips or tricks for flooz, please let me know ya. Add me; ShoPeng

For Android, please install "Happy Street" app on Google Play
For iOS,  install "Happy Street" app on Apple iTunes.

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