SuperStar Gemini 4D 3N @ Day 3

After my experience trip @ Phuket in day 2, my mom and I wake up so early, and enjoyed to watch the sunset morning~ We went to the Bella Vista Restaurant to eat breakfast, my mom really love it! Before we went out to Krabi, we explored some facilities at top of deck first.

My mom and I took the massage spa for an hour. This is nice place for you relax! This price is RM112, okay. I used the media gift RM 200 to pay.

With editors, and photographers from MEDIA!
They are friendly, and really excited about Krabi trip!
Krabi is a famous place for the tourists, due to the cheap food, lodging and available tours. When you used bargaining skills to test the prices which compared with the price they offer you! We hired a Tuk Tuk to pay 5 baht per person only when we want go to Krabi Town. I surisped that many tourists came to the beach, really busy! The locals also provided the massages' service to them at the beach!

We really tired when we busy to explore for 3 hours, then we back to SuperStar Gemini Cruise before Gala night, 7-8pm.  I saw a design "Gemini" on the Cruise, so it is good! My zodiac birth also "Gemini"! Hehe.

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