SuperStar Gemini 4 Days 3 Nights - Day 2

Do you read my first post about SuperStar Gemini 4 Days 3 Nights - Day 1 before? First, Superstar Gemini started to sail from Penang > Phuket > Krabi. Superstar Gemini @ Maiden Voyage launched to sail to Phuket and Krabi ports over a 4 Days 3 Nights tour from 6th Jan to 9th Jan 2013. This cruise package still on going until 24th January 2013. You can watch the video "Superstar Gemini - Jurnal Bernama TV" from Hwajing Travels & Tours with the BM subtitle below;

From the video above, Mr. Kenny Cheong also make the business partnership with StarCruise for 20 years, Hwajing has earned its reputation in the industry for being fearless innovator and would take any challenges then transform into opportunity in business during Mr Kenny's official brand launch event at KTV Lounge.

Then, a talented chef was doing his skill to crave the watermelon during the special performance, witnessed by Mr. Kenny Cheong and Hwajing staffs. Many photographers always busy to take photos on this performance! 

Easy, Hwajing Travel & Tours arranged the Phuket's trip for us. I excited to see the local dancers who welcomed us at the Patong Beach Jetty. Wow, many tourists came to the Phuket during the peak season, January - March. I am sure that all hotels in Phuket always be FULL!

First, we visited Bee Farm. I really not like Bees, but I love to eat honey! Haha. Then, the Chestnut shop that we buy food for my relatives only. My mom and I visited the Wat Chalong (buddhist temple), Promthep Cape (sunset view point) and Central Festival Village (shopping mall).

Have you wondered what is Wat Chalong (all photos above)? Wat Chalong is the largest of temple in Phuket, and the most visited by most local and tourists. It is officially called 'Wat Chaitararam' by royal decree but not many people use that name. So, they call "Wat Chalong", in order to attract more people come to visit that temple, you know a name 'Chalong' means 'festival'. This place are really beautiful!

They brought us to see the Phuket's best scenery at Promthep Cape. It got an interesting Hindu Shrine to the deity Brahma. A huge collection of wooden and stone elephants of every shape and colour surrounds a shrine to the god Brahma! I can see different elephants, sometimes I spotted one or two or six cute elephants! In addition, it also got a lighthouse and interesting historical museum.

Last place, we went to the Central Festival Village, the shopping mall. We just buy the small gifts for my youngest sister only, others are expensive in the shopping mall! And, we tried to buy a Samurai Pork Burger from McDonalds to share together because we don't have enough time to eat dinner! In Malaysia, McDonalds don't have the Pork burgers.


After this trip, tour guide bus dropped my mom and me at "Pasar Malam" @ Patong, Phuket. Many shops sell the souvenirs gifts, clothes, bags, and many things as cheap price offered by the locals...But we don't buy anything because we are tired already. Haha. 

We will look forward to another trip to Krabi - Day 3!  

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