SuperStar Gemini 4 Days 3 Nights - Day 1

My mom and I like to thank for my hearing friends, Alexadrina, Yann Huey, Victor, Kit, and Hwajing travel & tours staffs who work with us and Media. I also meet many different people in Media group, they are pro-photographers, experienced editors, bloggers, and TV-media, who are cool! They are very energetic while they are enjoying to travel around Phuket and Krabi! You know, my zodiac birth is GEMINI, make me lucky to get a very good enjoyable trip to Phuket and Krabi with SuperStar GEMINI on my first time! I am really excited, thanks to my zodiac! Haha.

Hwajing Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd creates first historic event in Malaysia and South East Asia to charter a cruise ship for its maiden voyage. At Penang Swettenham Port, the inaugural lanuch of sailing to celebrate New Year, which witnessed by the Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, accompanied by Senior Vice President, Sales, Star Cruises Mr. Michael Goh, Managing Director of Hwajing Travel & Tours, Mr. Kenny Cheong Ken Lee, and welcomed guests and people of Penang.

Superstar Gemini recevied US$50 million renovation. She also upgraded navigational systems, new hull design and onboard facilities, including cabins, restaurants, entertainment and recreational venues, retail & bodycare outlets. Designed with an all-encompassing holiday experience in mind, SuperStar Gemini will immerse guests in a resort-at-sea environment with an edge - a shopping haven that promises a broad range of upmarket duty-free wristwatches, jewellery and handbags amidst idyllic and blissful cruise voyages.

So, Superstar Gemini @ Maiden Voyage launched to sail to Phuket and Krabi ports over a 4 Days 3 Nights tour from 6th Jan to 9th Jan 2013. This cruise package still on going until 24th January 2013. I bring my mom to become my interpreter because I want to focus on my blog for the SuperStar Gemini trip to gain more information via my mom, sign language interpreter.

My mom and I came to the Times Square at 6.30am, early of morning on 6 January 2012. We took a bus to reach the Penang Swettenham Port in the afternoon. I am surisped when the lion dances welcomed us at the Port! We also given welcome drink and garlaneded with flesh orchids. Many people from different media companies; New Straits Times, TimeOut, Bernama TV, Berita Harian, Nanyang, MalayMail, and etc. There are few bloggers who joined too. It help to increase the news via media; newspapers, magazines, TVs & social media via internet.

I also get know new people from Media industry! I am shy and anxious, so I don't know who are them! But, I never expected Ms Sara who from NTV7 came to meet me after she heard my name! My mom and I cannot imagined her to be with us! :D First time, I gathered with them together to travel via SuperStar Gemini Cruise.

This is Leah, Editor of TimeOut Malaysia
The Opening of SuperStar Gemini at Swettenham Port, Penang
They welcomed Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng to visit SuperStar Gemini
I took photo and listened their speech at SuperStar Gemini!

At KTV Observatory Lounge, the Media gathered up and prepared for the Press Conference @ Mr Kenny, Managing Director of Hwajing Travel & Tours and Mr Michael Goh, Seenior Vice President of Sales. After this, we want to check out on our number cabin first! We really never expected to be lost in a very big ship so easily! For me, I felt like trapped in a big maze to figure how to go...Haha. My mom and I not find where is the Muster Station following our number of room, until we missed the safety drill practice session!! 

All passangers already finished the session! We really are late, and felt like stupid mice. Haha. We are tired and back to our cabin. We really surisped to see a beautiful room, which have a king bed, sofas, LCD TV, closet, hair-dryer and clean pirvate bathroom & toliet! It looks like 5-stars hotel! It is really good because they also given the towels, shampoo, shower soap, and others.

This is Superior Oceanview Stateroom @ Deck 10

We found the welcome gifts are on our bed, its special for us! Wow, I got a nice "Superstar Gemini-Hwajing Travel & Tours" T-shirt, USB pendrive 4GB, pen, notebook planner, and a information book about Star Cruise and Hwajing Travel & Tours, especially a beautiful GOLD Gemini bag, I like it! We are happy to get new USB pendrive, so I no need to buy new pendrive again! We felt treated like special VIP? :D

Finally, SuperStar Gemini leave the Port, Penang. Bye bye to Penang. Our cruise ship will reach the Phuket on 7 January 2012. We took our time to explore the Deck 12 first. At the outside of Deck 12, there are the Oceana BBQ, swimming pool, jacuzzi, basketball court, Champs Bar, Blue Lagoon and Topsider Bar.

This is Oceana BBQ
Inside Deck 12, KTV Observatory Lounge
When we are hungry, we went to the Mariners Restaurant, International Buffet at Mid Deck 9

If you are curious about food, there are six restaurants; Dynasty Restaurant - Chinese, Mariners Restaurant - International Buffet, Taipan Restaurant - Chinese Ala Carte, Oceania BBQ - Restaurant Open Deck, Blue Lagoon - Ala Carte Outlet/Fast Casual, Bella Vista Restaurant - Fine Dining Restaurant. My mom and I already explore all restaurants, so we remmocended that Dynasty Restaurant, and Bella Vista Restaurant are best! Why? Because their food are delicious, cause many people queued so long there!!

I am really tired when I explored around the facilites inside ship, and busy to take more photos too. @_@ Be patient, I'll let you see what's inside the SuperStar Gemini Cruise! Please read my next story - SuperStar Gemini Cruise @Day 2

Updated on 5 Feb 2013: If you interested in this, check out on the SuperStar Gemini's promotion of package Hwajing Travels & Tour Special Offer (Buy 1, FREE 1)*, and please visit the Hwajing website to check more information!

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Tania said…
Nice!! I've gone on the SuperStar Libra cruise once and it was the best cruise experience ever! Cant wait for part 2! :D
Selina Wing said…
Hello Tania,

Thank you! I also visited your blog b4! Your template is nice. :D Where are your story @ SuperStar Libra? I want to see photos on your blog! :D
Reanaclaire said…
wow.. I would love to go on Cruise one day!! Always hearing about it..but yet to experience..
Selina Wing said…
Hi Reane, if you want try one, please check the promotion Star Cruise at then check out on "Latest Products" at Hwajing website.
Tania said…
Thank you for dropping by my blog! My cruise experience was also thanks to a Media Fam event a few years ago n before I got into blogging again. (i used to work for a mag) Some of the pictures are on my fb tho here:!/media/set/?set=a.10150228490344283.360083.582909282&type=3
Pardon the poor quality pictures.
Keep up good work!