4 Online Hotel Booking for Cheap, Budget & Relax

In Malaysia, online hotel booking is best way to book the best rate of rooms in hotels because it is suitable for Deaf people who can find the cheapest hotel rooms with excellent facilities with used their laptop, computer or tablet or smartphones, compared to walk to check the hotels.

With my experience, you can save RM50 – RM200 for a room per night through booking online. My sisters and I also experienced to book the hotels online on many times, so we can enjoy to relax and see-sighting the interesting places during our holidays, without worrying about the rooms be full or booking at late minutes.

As Deaf, you MUST know about how to do research and find a cheap hotel room is always one of the most important things when you are doing your budget for your own trip.

If you asked me this question, WHY I DO THIS? because the reasons are;
  • Get best & cheap rates and promotion
  • NO need to call person for reservation room
  • Free booking fees (if get free cancellation)
  • Easy, convenient and fast
  • Collect more points when you review the hotel, you can change points into your money
  • Can observe the hotels' reviews and gather the information from the hotels online.
How to book a room?   
  1. Sign up as their member because you will collect more points. 
  2. You choose your cheap hotel to book online, you require a valid credit card. 
  3. After payment being made via credit card, you will get the booking confirmation of receipt.
  4. Just print it out at home.  
  5. Please bring it to the hotel during you check-in. (Normally, check-in before 2pm, check-out at 12 noon)
  6. You just show the printed booking confirmation paper, credit card, and I.C card to the staff of hotel only. Easy only! 
Give yourself a try to visit my favorite hotels online below;

This is my family's favorite. My family and I always used the on many times. My mom and sister got some points in their account than mine! The reward of points help to make you save money, mean you can use points to cut off the price of deals! It is very good info to get know more about the hotels so deeply. You can enjoy to read what are their review and comment on the hotels before you start to book a room. Mostly, they give the special promotion for a day or free cancellation fees on their best choices.

I booked it on few times since I helped my mom. So it is no problem when I do payment online then, we went to the hotel to show it only. I was happy with my first Agoda experience. I also never email or call on the hotel and Agoda after I get the confirmation receipt in my email. Mean they already prepare all things for me. I recommend this if you want the good deals!  

If you are Maybank user, please check this on 

Tips: Check the limited deals with free cancellation fees and research on the original price at hotel websites 1st before booking in Agoda website.

The make me attracted to the reward member program and free cancellation fees! It is similar as but, it is good cheaper deals to provide you to earn how much RM in the reward member program. For example, after you booked it and stay in hotel then, you get to collect money in your account. I will try it when I do my trip plan with my best friends. :)

When you make payment online, they will send the confirmation receipt to your email, and you can print out it. When you check-in the hotel, you just show it to them. This method is similar as,, and others.

If you having CIMB Visa credit card, check out HotelClub joint promo with CIMB at

Tips: Make compared about the price of hotels on with HotelClub-CIMB. It help you to do research on them before you decide to buy.
give us to search the directory so easily than type in the search! They also give the great credit card of offers for Citibank, HSBC, and UOB users to get the cheap discount with good deals.You just lazy to choose the date? Then you can see it once when it show all dates with different prices! There are many options like you can select which is one type of room, bed, etc. Remember, you find one 'flaming deal' or 'mystery deal' mean you will get free rewards or better deals. But, it also have the cancellation fees, charged tax and card fee too.

You can check the holiday rental and flights too. If you bring your big family, you try to book on the rental house or apartment on the Holiday rental. also have good benetifs; no cancellation fees, booking charges, flexible booking, instant confirmation via email, booking online or telephone. Unlike and It also have amazing blog which let you enjoy to read and gather the information of travel guides, check out on I feel that this is suitable for solo travelers, big group of friends and group family!

It will tell you exactly how much you will have to pay before you send your card details. Let you easy to search, compare rate and book rooms, all within a few clicks only, easy. If you have to cancel your reservation be prepared to wait several months for a refund.


When you want to plan your trip to the oversea, you can do research on the travel guides, hotels and interesting place which you want to visit, I suggest you to check on "".

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