The Wok, Penang Nyonya & Hawker's Cuisine Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri Puchong, Puchong

If you love Baba & Nyonya food, I must recommend The Wok, Penang Nyonya & Hawker's Cuisine because it is suitable for family-gathering and make you miss your time when you stay in the village (kampung) with your grandparents? :D My grandma at my mom's family also are descendant of Nyonya (peranakan)! Then, I am half descendant of Nyonya and Hokkien Chinese person! I felt reminded about it's like going back to 1980's since my family and I walked in to the restaurant...It make me miss Penang, my grandma's hometown.

'How does Nyonya & Baba started? It's the traders & merchant from China came to Malaysia or Singapore to trade, during that time they had to wait for 6 months for the monsoon wind to take them back, so these 6 months these people with FLIRT local Malay girls and the next generation is known as Baba & Nyonya (Chinese & Malay mix).

Nowadays, male/female marries a Muslim needs to convert but last time don't have to. Penang nyonyas are influence by Thai side, the Melaka and Singapore are influence by the indonesians.
Northern Nyonya and their Sanggul aka hair bumps high on their head; the Melaka and Singapore are vice versa.

Babas will always go to the backlane of the Nyonya house and listen to the pounding sound of chillies or onions and will peep in to see how the Nyonya ladies look. After that the Baba will go back and tell his mother that he wants to take that particular Nyonya to be his wife. The mother will send gifts to propose the marriage and the young Nyonya needs to ...Prepare a meal like Jiu Hoo Char, Chap Chai, Curry Kapitan Chicken , etc. The Baba's mother will judge the Nyonya lady by her culinary and cooking skills and also her embroidery skills if it turns out bad, the future mother-in-law will oppose the marriage due to the lack of skills and will tell her son the Nyonya is not worthy.

From my opinion men and women should be equal, and have to respect what our women wants to do, if she can't cook, it's fine, just eat out!! ''- directly extracted from the Menu of The Wok.

My family and I really enjoy chat-chit and I busy to take few photos around us! My mom love to order Penang Nyonya dishes because it is popular in Hokkien community. She told me that baba & nyonya love to cook the spicy food, such as asam laksa, asam curry fish head, sambal prawn and many... Everytime, my family and I back to Penang, we must eat our favourite, lok bak, hokkien mee, and chee cheong fun, and asam laksa. All Penang food are very delicious than Kuala Lumpur. My sisters and I also grew up in Penang before my family moved out, so we are Hokkien family.
Hong Bak - RM 15
Paku-Pakis - RM 11
Sambal seafood belacan - RM 11
Asam curry fish head - RM 42
And chinese tea pot, RM 7. Finally we finished 4 dishes, make us full already! Their service are good. My grandma really enjoyed to eat the Nyonya food! Many people inside this restaurant but, we are lucky to get a good seat. :) They not make us waited so long time, until the dishes be ready in short time!

Address : G-3, Jalan Puteri 4/6, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
For reservation, please call 012-2750396,012-3916183,012-2635460.

Remember, please call to RSVP before you dine-in. Many people went to The Wok, Penang Nyonya & Hawker's cuisine Restaurant, especially dinner time. Not easy to get yourself a seat...if you walk-in without make reservation, you want to try your luck!

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