Restoran Lan Je (Kelang Lama) @ Taman Tan Yew Lai

My family and I went to the Restaurant Lan Je along Jalan Taman Tan Yew Lai. My grandma and mom really love to eat fishes. This is my first time to eat there. It is very good business to attract more people who enjoyed to eat a fish, why? Because each person get one fish!  For example, my sister get 1 "Black Tilapia" fish , mom - 1, me -1, and grandma - 1. Each given a rice. If you want to add vegetables, can. It is better.

It is healthy to eat fish with vegetables, suitable for a big family who enjoyed to eat dinner together. It is not expensive fish, but maybe it is reasonable, RM 16 per fish. Sorry, I cannot remember it.

You better to try one! Don't worry, the vegetables - really cheap more, compared to "Black Tilapia" fish.

You can see my photo at lastly - my mom get 1, sister get 1 each! I get one for myself! Cool!

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