Phewtick gives you MONEY when you meet your friends!

My sister suddenlly asked me to download new app, Phewtick! First time, I used the Phewtick to scan my sister's QR code on her smartphone! Why? Curious what is "Phewtick"?

Phewtick is an interesting mobile application, founded by Kazuhiro Naya from Japan. It allow you earn money when you meet your friends who have Phewtick app on their smartphones! It is known as "The Meet-up Diary" to make recording everyday meet-ups easy and fun, like two cute cats meet each other!

When you start to use Phewtick, you need to connect it to your Facebook account. Then you will get your own QR code will be generated and each code has a life span of less than 1 minute. Once it expires, you will need to generate a new code. You can do so by refreshing.

Tips: You can scan your friends' QR code on many times after each 1 hour, to gain extra money! If you are working at same office, you and your colleagues always scan each other, easy! Every time, you always go out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and can make money together via Phewtick! Or you can meet your friends for the party or eat dinner together, easy to play Phewtick.

How to make cash out? You can earn money via Paypal or Bank account but there is a limit of $30,000 USD per year only. This company come from Japan. If you want to use the method: bank, maybe it take long time to confirm how much you get into your bank account. Better, you use Paypal to get it so easily.

Please visit the official website, Phewtick at for more details. This app is fast gaining popularity in Malaysia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Australia!

If you own your smartphone, try to download:
It is very smart application make more youngesters attracted to this! My sister earned around RM 20 in a month already, fast! She only can get more points by meeting her classmates, relatives and family only! I also used it before but, it need the internet, bad! :(

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