Movie Review: Skyfall @ GSC Paradigm

My best friend and I went out to watch movie at GSC @ Paradigm. There are not many interesting movies are coming out on this month, November 2012. So, we decided to watch 2-hours movie "Skyfall"! James Bond come to make you fell love on him? Some sexy girls want be with 007 agent because he is very sexy and cool? Joke only! My dad love to watch 007 because it is very action! 

I glad that they added some comedy and funny action into the part of 007 movies! It make us laugh out! :D I really like James Bond, 007 agent become M's dog is loyalty! Haha. I am okay with "Daniel Craig" who took this role as "James Bond". But, I still miss a very handsome actor, named "Pierce Brosnan" because Pierce is very good at his acting, and show off his skills to be 007 agent who is cool and attractive guy! Haha.

About his story of "Skyfall", James Bond looks older, and get injured by a shot.. But, he still never give up and keep to himself be alive...This is a Bond who has something to prove, and who could be damaged goods, physically and even mentally. He also has his own past life so, he need to battle himself to save his boss, M.

I am surisped when James Bond who is very busy to track his enemies in Istanbul, Turkey which my best friend and I went before! So, we knew where place are they going to..! I thought Bond girl always be together with him during he are on his mission? Normally, James love to be with Bond girl for more attraction between him and a beautiful lady. Oh no, he is alone to do his own dangerous mission only, and funny, finally he also take care of his boss, M. That is why he is loyalty agent for his own country!

It is not boring because it is crazy to bom! bom! This movie is a supremely enjoyable and humor!

Rating: 4/5

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