Selina Wing, Social Me @ Facebook by Zeebly

"Social Me" created by Zeebly,  they gathered some application developers to build on new application related to social networks, let the users enjoy to see the "Social Me" and "Friend Matcher" - coming soon. When you register for "Social Me" with used your facebook, don't worry its free. It can analysis your social data to find out what about your personality, interests, and many from your facebook. It is interesting!

It make me surisped about mostly subjects that I talked; Mobile and Fashion only? I thought I did talk all topics related to tech and geek only! I am really care about the mental health?

Depends on my status on facebook, it showed that me always happy everyday! I also am cheerful girl, and love to share what I like with my friends. My total of statues are more than 2263! About my personality, I am very optimistic and ambitious. But weird, why no cautious or confident in my personality data? Funny! Maybe I attracted to tradisional because I love to see the traditional of art things.

If you want to know more about me, check out at Social Me @ Zeebly

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