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Nuffnang is the Asia-Pacific's first and leading blog advertising community. It also reaches out to 1,000,000 bloggers in 7 countries and regions - Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Nuffnang Malaysia encourage the Malaysian bloggers can register Nuffnang for FREE and start earning money by putting up Nuffnang ads on their blog only.

If you get the higher the traffic on your site, more earnings you’ll get from Nuffnang! It also allow you can login in with your email or facebook account to set your blog manager, and payment of history. You also get to know how many traffic attracted to your blogs when you check the results of stats's blog.

When I started to put the adverstiements in my blogs in 2010 year, it is not easy to get more traffics from Malaysia and Asia. But, it is really good helpful for the bloggers to earn money and enjoy to write the sponsored post, you will get more people know who are you when they visit your blog!

I don't remember how many I earned in past years because I am really busy with my projects. But, I can tell you about how much I earned from Nuffnang. Since I become Glitterati, I gained more earning from my blogs, it is really good. You can see my result to collect how much money from CPUV (Cost-Per-Unique-Visitor) and CPC (Cost-Per-Click) below;

It is not very risky for you, but you have to work as blogger with your hardworking if you want to get more earning and become famous in blogging world! I am be with Nuffnang in 3 years already. I don't have any problem with it. Don't worry, they also can let the Google Adsense advertisements put in your blog too. Mean Nuffnang and Google Adsense can be placed at same time. Last time, Nuffnang provided the CPM (Cost per impression), mean you earn certain amount of money by displaying ads and the earning is depend on the number of average unique visitors you received in the week that the ad campaign is placed at your blog only, but no more again. Nuffnang still have CPC, CTR and CPUV only.

What are the benetifs you get from Nuffnang? See an image below;

How it works for you? 
There are three types of ads that you can choose then place 1 or 2 ads in your blog. You just copy then paste code the html in blogger or wordpress, can.

3 types of ads are available:
1. Leaderboard (728 x 90)
2. Skyscraper (160 x 300)
3. Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

What are CPC, CTR, and CPUV? 
CPC (Cost per click) is you earn certain amount of money when someone clicks a Nuffnang advertisement from your website. You will be paid a fixed amount for each click on the ad unit that is running the CPC campaign.

The CTR (Click-Through-Ratio) indicates the amount of people who click on your ads out of the total amount of people who have seen it. The higher the CTR, the better as blogs with a CTR of 0.2% and above will automatically be eligible for a CTR bonus, which means extra earnings.

Advertisers select blogs for CPUV campaigns based on several criteria such as a blog's target audience, blogging genre and influence. For example, a cosmetics company would be more likely to select a fashion and beauty blog with female readers to advertise on.

How to cash out from Nuffnang?
When your earning reach RM50 or more, you are entitled to withdraw the amount from your account. Nuffnang pays its Glitterati bloggers 30 days after their cash out request date every end of the month (60 days for Ordinary). You can choose two options; get cheque from their office or they will transfer online in your bank account.

Once you get the cheque, it will be sent to the bank for processing and mailed to your registered address. The processing and delivery from the bank's side will take no longer than 3 weeks. Remember, you make sure you have entered the correct name and address to ensure you cheque won't get lost and can bank into yout bank account without any problem.

Tips - How to be a Nuffnang Glitterati

If you want to get higher chances to get payment of CPUV (Cost-Per-Unique-Visitor), CPC (Cost-Per-Click) campaigns and Advertorial & Contests campaign or get invited by the Community Events if you are Glitterati. Your blog must not show other competitor's ads from South East Asia like Advertlets or Innity. If you have a blog and your major traffic come from Asia, you can start monetize your website now with Nuffnang!

What are you doing now? Join Nuffnang Malaysia now!

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