Malaysia Most Wanted Food for Malaysians

Malaysia Most Wanted is a collection of review's restaurant website, to help bloggers, tourists and malaysian discover what are the best or favourite restaurants for daily gastronomic satisfaction and special occasions of family and friends, based on reliable recommendations by trustworthy reviewers and customers.

You can select on the top of cuisines like asian, chinese, western, japanese, hong kong, and many. And you try to click on 'Explore' to found out about what restaurant is near you! There are few promotion which attract you to check it on everytime.

You can share and tell your friends about your favourite restaurants by writing reviews, it help to link them to visit your blog or website. For example, I also can review what I like about their restaurant, please check out on the Food Malaysia Most Wanted @ DIB Coffee and Hawaii.

See the youtube to make you understand the sketches so easily! Haha.

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