6 Reasons Deaf Should Vlogging (Video Blogging)?

Many Deaf people love to use the video camera, record video in tablet or smartphone and webcam PC as their hobby since they are Vlogger because they have their own unique sign language.

For example, my Deaf friend, US blogger Sam Dunn. He really love to put his experience life in video and also observe with Deaf technology. Please visit his blog, Illustrator: Blog-alloon. He is very active and love to share his opinion with Deaf community. Not him only, there are many Deaf Bloggers and Vloggers around the world too!

So, I think it's better to encourage Deaf Malaysians better to try learn new and join in the blogging world, because the technology always change so quickly since we live in the revolution of internet age! You will know why you should vlog for your personal life or business.

1. To Express Your Thoughts and Opinions 
It is a great way to help you to promote yourself, like tell your own story or business, product or service. You have something to say in your blog as your voice to be heard by your Deaf friends. For example, you can express your feeling with used your sign language, it make Deaf people understand the sign language so easily.

 2. To Stay Connected with Deaf Community
 Since the Internet has become daily of internet users used on everyday. It is very good idea to connect with Deaf community and friends to stay connected from different parts of the world by sharing stories, photos, videos and more. It will make the Deaf readers who interested in your video blog, they can become your fan!

 3. Build new skill and talent 
Running a video blog to help you set up your own business. It can build up new skills - everything you can learn about video learning, branding, promotion via social media, design, exchange information with your friends who are bloggers. So, this is very good chance for you to learn more as you want.

Source Images credited by DigitalCreative, vlogging with DSLR

 4. To Enjoy to make Video or take photos as Your Passion 
Mostly, Deaf people bought new DSLD, digital camera and video camera! You can enjoy what you want since you spend time with your family & friends as it is enjoyable! If you don't have video camera, nevermind. Nowsday, many people used smartphone or tablet to record video. Or you can download free video editor apps from Apple Store or Google Play. That is why video blogging can be a hobby.

 5. Blogging and Youtube are Free and Easy
You don't need the skill IT to make your own website. You can use the free services; or . And you can buy your own domain name cost RM 30 - 50 per year, cheap price ! You can upload how many video that you make as you can use free Youtube account.

 6. It can be a Source of Income. 
Many people are making money from blogging. Since you start new blog, you will earn a small amount each month, but it is good thing to help pay the bills. As Deaf blogger, I should recommend this. Last time, I just earned RM 200-500 only, thanks to my blogs because it got higher traffic and some readers who supported me always. If you are not good at writing, it's ok. You can use webcam PC or record via smartphone or tablet to upload your own video, it is easy.

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Writien by: Selina, co-founder of  Deafmoolah.

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