Movie Review: ASL Sign Language in Resident Evil: Retribution!

Resident Evil: Retribution is the 5th of the Resident Evil series of video game-based horror movies. Last time, I always watch many horror stories as I love. I miss 1st and 2nd Resident Evil movie. Lucky, I get the two movies; Resident Evil: Extinction and Resident Evil: Afterlife only.

Earlier, my mom watched this movie then, she mentioned it to me because there are getting the sign language communication with a child who is partially deaf! I think that it really make Deaf community curious what is the story between Alice and  Alice's daugther, Becky? You better to watch this!

It make me remember  this child actress from another horror film, "Orphan" play the deaf character! The child actress's name is Arayana Engineer. She still is young but, she can speak and used the sign language at same time. Alice and her husband used ASL sign language to communicate with Becky at home...But, they keep to busy when they are fighting with zombies so crazy! That is why Alice and Becky less communicate via sign language.

How they can be saved from the zombies when Alice is a homewife? Alice get the help from Ada Wong, and Leon & her group. Many Resident Evil game fans sure very happy when Jill Valentine, Leon S.Kennedy and Ada Wong are back to the movies!

Since I am teenager, I used to play Resident Evil games with PC. I also surprised about Li Binbing who is popular actress from China that played as Ada Wong. She is very young and alike as real  Ada Wong  in Resident Evil games! She is really queen of Resident Evil, beat Jill Valentine! But, Leon looks as very old in this movie, compared with Leon in the game. She always reappear in different scene like   last time I played the character Leon,  Ada Wong offered her help only if she want to spy the Umbrella or are on the missions related with Leon and Alice or escape from horror place. In different Resident Evil, she still be survive till now! Ada don't have superpower like Alice, but she is very genius "spy assassin" as I think so.  

At ending, the human race’s last and only hope, Alice who save the Earth? She get aided by newfound allies, Albert Wesker and her survived friends, Alice must fight to survive long enough to escape a hostile world on the brink of oblivion. Will Albert Wesker help Alice to save the last human's race? I think that he is really evil and keep to involve with the Umbrella because he want more powers for himself only.

We'll see how 1st when new movie will coming! For me, it is very good fighting with Umbrella organisation's enemies, zombies, and others. Who hate Alice, kill her unstoppable! I wonder if Alice really never tired when  she fight and shoot on everytime! Be honest, I thought this movie will be end but no..! Maybe, new movie will be ending? How Alice and humans can be saved from the attack of zombies? Maybe they created new bio-nuclear to destory them? I imagined if my family and I live in this world, the zombies will attack us one day! How? We really shocked and scare of it!

Rating: 4/5

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