Hotmail become Miscosoft Outlook!

Last time, many Deaf friends used the and before Gmail. We enjoyed to use Hotmail to email our friends so easily! And we also used MSN Live messanger too! So, Hotmail still used until now! Hotmail keep to be improved on everytime.

Today, Microsoft make us surisped about Hotmail changed to new design Outlook email! It looks like the Windows 8! The interface is clean, simple and easy to manage the emails. Outlook can connect with Twitter and Facebook to show recent updates! You can change the theme; 12 colors. At same time, you can chat with your friends via messaging MSN Live, and can see who's online in your messaging!

 I think it is because Microsoft make their interface better when they make partnered with Nokia. Still they curious about the Nokia Lumia when they try to learn about how to use it! My best friend bought new Nokia Lumia 900, and I felt that it is very best because the quanlity of photo and video are very clearer, and it is fast to message SMS! She always reply a message to me so faster in whatapps, MSN, or facebook! So, it is similar as Outlook can use the feature to connect one social media; twitter, facebook, and apps be in ONE group, let you get to know the updates on everytime! In the adittion, they also create a better Windows 8 for PC.

They also believe Outlook can be fast growing up as GMail by Google in the market internet. If you are Hotmail user, you can login in Outlook with your Then you can change from Hotmail to Outlook. Or you can register to get new email

You better try!

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