Movie Review: Brave ★★★

"Brave" movie focus on the changing relationship between Merida and her mother, because Merida prevented her betrothal of marriage. It is about how she grew up to become brave, confident, and intelligent lady. Her mother also worry her because she is a royal princess. Merida make her mother become 'Bear'! They forced to find out about the clues during their journey. 

For me, she is an excellent role model for all children, and adults regardless of gender. She is true to herself and loves more freedom as what she wants. She also be independent girl that can do anything in the jungle and love to learn much as she loves! She is very skilled to become archer. She also love to practice with her dad, who playing the sword!

Merida's mom, Elinor finally changed back to a normal human and learned more from Merida. Elinor to let Merida follow her own path to change herself, not follow the traditional laws of society.

I felt that Brave teach you about choosing to live your life on your own future. Brave is about speaking your heart fearlessly. Brave is about believing in yourself Are you BRAVE? This movie is so enjoyable for all ages, especially the children!

Rating: 3/ 5

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