Avengars, Assemble! Infographic Choose your favourite superhero!

Source Image from D20crit
Remember the Avengers, marvel movie? :D Each hero is ranked according to strength, skill, brains, gadgets and heart. So, you can see what are their strengths, and weakness of The Avengers!
For me, Captain America and Iron Man are thinking so fast, and solve their problem so very strategic.  Iron Man and The Hulk also genius too. Thor is god, he can be stronger as The Hulk than  Captain America and Iron ManSometimes, they are good or evil hearted!

Black Widow and Hawkeye don't have any superpower, but they have good experienced to be skilled when they are involved in the war on many times. Maybe Captain America  also same, but he is more kind-hearted than them...I never see the Thor and Hulk movie. :(

I think that Thor and  Iron Man  are cool! :)

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Rara said…
The Tumblr fanbase seems to be obsessed with the show's villain, Loki, though.