Seoul Garden @ IOI Mall, Puchong

The Seoul Garden is a BBQ and steamboat place whish is in Korean style, located at IOI Mall, Puchong. I Before my family and I took a seat, we need to pay 1st , then  there are 4 types of soup base like Tomyam, Ginseng, Chinese Herbal, and Kimchi Jigae soup. My family decided to choose Tomyam soup. Then, we enjoyed to celebrate our Mother's Day! :)

There are 8-12 sauces with a few house speciality sauce as you can take them on anytime.

They provided the BBQ Marinated Meat into different flavours including black pepper, Szechuan, Bulgogi, Char siew, chili, curry, tomyam, teriyaki and garlic and Seafood products, included the vegetables and fruits & desserts! And you can eat the ice-cream; 6 flavours on anytime!

You can enjoy to grill and boil as you like! If you love to bring your family to eat the BBQ Steamboat at Seoul Garden, Puchong, you better take the lunch sets, cheaper than dinner! My mom aged 56 years old, she can get the cheap price, RM 20.88 only.
  • Lunch set for family: Adult, RM 26.88 and Senior Citizen RM 20.88 (Age 55 and above) and Child, RM 16.00
  • Dinner set for family: Adult, RM 36.88 and Senior Citizen RM 27.88 (Age 55 and above) and Child, RM 20.00 
  •  *Add free flow soft drinks - RM 3.99 only and soup - RM 2.88. Incudle tax service 10% and VAT 6%.
My family and I also celebrated Mother's Day for my mom, she is very happy and proud with my sisters and me! She always give me the courage, wisdom, comfortable of love, and a very big smile! My sisters and I really never forget this! :)
"You always taught me how to reach for the skies, mom"

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