Nokia Evolution Infographic from 1984 to Tomorrow

This infographic make me remembered about Nokia mobile phone which I used before! When my dad bought new Nokia 3310, I used his mobile phone, I felt it is very easy to use and it have cheaper price too. Many Deaf people enjoyed to change the casing of Nokia 3310 for fun only, correct? Mostly, Deaf community love to use the mobile phone brand Nokia in 1992 till 2002 before Apple and Samsung launched new smartphones...

First time, I owned a new Nokia N73 since my groupmate and I won a 1st prize in the Telenor competition, read more info here. Because I always used my dad's old mobile phones brand Nokia only. I still remembered that Nokia and Sony Ericsson are competitive each other before Apple launched new iphone on first time.

After 5 years, I changed from old Nokia N73 to my smartphone brand Nokia N97 with slide keyboard. Mine already 4 years now. My Nokia N97 still can be OK, it fell on many times, but it looks fine to use it! It can install few application from Nokia Store, similar as Android, Google Play and Apple, iTunes Store. But, I not always use Wifi to access because it's difficulty to see the small words with the browser. I still use this because I love Nokia. :)

Today, Malaysia still get Nokia Lumia, I am not sure if I can be familiar to use Windows in Lumia or not? I don't know some people can get it or not. I never give a try for Nokia Lumia.

Nokia will launch new smartphone soon. I heard a rumor about Nokia smartphone will have the flexblie devices. See this youtube below; 

 "The Nokia company is showing off a flexible-screen device controlled by how it's twisted and bowed, one it calls the Nokia kinetic interface" by News - Deep Tech,

What you think of this? You will buy one?

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