Final Fantasy: Agni's Philosophy by Square Enix

Square Enix revealed  new game of generation - "a real time technical demonstration movie that utilizes cutting edge game development technology" as "Agni's Philosophy". The game's CG work by Visual Works, it looks very real! Sometimes, I see some 3D places, but the characters looks as real human in the trailer! I shocked that Agni as the heroine will take over new Final Fantasy again, after the Final Fantasy XIII-2. Today, more heroines appeared in the game and movie? Haha...

The rumor about they will deliver new Final FantasyAgnis Philosophy  for Play Station 3 and Xbox on next year? I don't know what are the feature and gameplay for new game. Maybe it will be different than Final Fantasy XIII-2. We will see more images and next trailer by Square Enix, ya!

Please visit the official website, Agnis Philosophy

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