The Brain of a Blogger Infographic

It is very true! When you started your new blog, it is not easy to become popular! It take alot time to become professional or popular blogger. I used to think alot about planning, SEO, designing, and getting the traffic as this is stressful works for me! But, I really enjoyed to design and write for my blogs!

If you want to start a blog, you can use your hobby to share with your friends! Such as gaming, photography, drawing, travelling, and etc...My friend enjoyed to draw comic about his life as cute cat in the comedy life in his blog,, and they are crazy about food as they enjoyed to take food photo in their blog, for example see the food blog at Why you don't try one? As blogger, we don't need to write blog on everyday, just post on 2 or 3 times per week only. Last time, some people also asked me to review about food, software, and many... so busy!

Mostly, the bloggers always find new name domain because many popular names always taken! It's hard to get name strategy to launch a successful blog. It's true for me to think the creative names...@_@ If you are lucky, you can get one!

Normally, bloggers always bring more traffic to their own blog by visiting another blog to left the comment, share on the social media as Facebook, and Google, also register with forum, clubs, and many... Sure you will learn SEO, keywords, research ideas and win your readers' heart when you become beginner.

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How you feel when you are blogger? Fun? Focus on making money? For me, it's not easy to think idea to make new article! But, the blogging is good to help of improving your English!

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Thanks for all the inforamtion. I like your post very helpful.

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Selina Wing said…
Thank you very much! :D
Maria said…
The details are very useful. It helps figure out new name ideas that can be more inviting and worth the click. Thank you for these tips.
Selina Wing said…
Welcome ;) Hope you enjoy to learn tips when you are blogging! :D