You love FOOD? Find Restaurant Near Me in Malaysia!

You always find the delicious food since you are food lover? Or you are hungry, but no time to go far from your office? You can check where is one near your office or home! It is easy to spot the name of restaurants in the "Restaurant Near me" website! You can use iPhone, iPad or laptop to access this website!

You can type any place near you! For example, I type, "Damansara Perdana" in the search, like "I am at  Damansara Perdana "?  Then you click "Search" then get how many restaurants that near your place!

I got 30 restaurants near my place! Can choose the restaurant that I like go to...But, it is redirect to the Foursquare after I click on the restaurant! You can see the Google map when you want to know where is the restaurant. I want to see more info and photos about the restaurants. It is very simple but, not enough to be good interface. I hope that they keep to develop this website.

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