Puss in Boots - The Three Diablos - Short Trailer

The Three Diablos is a short movie based on Puss in Boots by Dreamworks! I love the Puss in Boots movies! I also hope this will continue story about Puss in Boots! You really love the cute kittens? Watch this youtube below;

I like "The Ultimate catfight"! I still can’t resist Puss in Boots which show us "Mercy-On-Me", but this is VERY CUTE!!. And they’re cute kittens too! I also have my own pet too. Puss in Boots are really never LOST to anybody!! He is very kind guy who loves to help the people, but he needs to get rewards too! Sometimes, he is greedy? :P

You will be absorb into his eyes!! You sure cannot win if you always stare at it.... So very CUTE!! Three kitten become Three Musketeers to guard a Queen and her kindgom!

My cat always stare on me so cuteee when she wants the food! Sometimes, she is very naughty when she are playing with me! It already be FAT, heavy! :P

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