My Top 10 Reasons for Blogging

I started blogging for Selina Wing in 5 years ago because I practice to writing to improve my English. Last time, I noticed that not many Deaf people like to read blog, compared with the Hearing people enjoyed to read my blog. So, I decided to encourged my Deaf friends to share and read my blog about the experience, news and information will help them gain more knowledge and can give their opinions when I introduced the Deafboleh group and blogs in the social media, such as Facebook and Google+.

My main motivation was that I actually enjoy writing about things that interest me. My hope that my own experiences will help you understand how blogging can benefit your business and motivate you to change yourself to be better.

1. To Express Your Thoughts and Opinions
If you have something to say, blog is a place to allow your thoughts and opinions be heard by your friends and bloggers around world. You don't have to be professional when you start new blog. Take slowly to think more that will help to open your mind and expression. I always think alot of ideas and plans on everyday. Haha... 

2. Improving your skill English
If your writing are really weak, you can get a blog will help you exposing the skill of grammar and vocabulary, so this can improve your English a lot. Last time, I am really weak in English. After blogging, my English get to be improved abit.
3. To Market or Promote Your Business
Blogging is a great way to promote yourself or your business, product or service, like a shop window where you showcase your talents and build your reputation. It can open doors to new opportunities and improve your career prospects. I got some freelance jobs when the clients visited my blog since I promoted my design to few companies by blogging.

4. Train Your Brain of Creative
It help you to think more ideas when you do research, and also share your ideas and creativity in your blog. You can improve yourself to be profesional and creative designer. I always practice to improve my skill designing.

5. Get Connected: Get Noticed
With your personal brand, writing a blog can help you get noticed on line. It opens the doors for you to get good chance. It allows your work design or business to get shared and be spread to others, it can get you constructive criticism and gets you noticed. Make it easier for them to find you, the great talent their looking for! Like the companies, business partners and press media interested in me! 

6. Share your Hobby
You can blog about your hobby, like drawing comic, collection of photos, cooking, and etc. For example, it is very fun when you enjoys to collect the beautiful photos, you can put your photos in your blog to share with people. They will interest in you, maybe hiring you to be photographer!

7. To Stay Active of Knowledgeable
Since you always looking for fresh information and new updates, it's a perfect way to help you get to become informative. For example, you can learn alot from the Wikipekia, grammar and dictionary online when you write blog and you keep to read many information when you visited the useful blogs and websites.

8. Connect with New People Like You
Blogging brings like-minded people together. Starting a blog can help you find those people and share your opinions and thoughts. It help to build you a network of potential friends and business partners. I met different hearing people to become friend to make good network with me. 

9. Improve your Comunication with the Hearing people
You can practice to communicate with hearing people, make you become more organized, get better at time management, become more independent. Be open minded and bulid good relationship with the designers, business partners, and clients.With my experience, I always talk about the ideas and plans with my hearing friends, colleagues, and clients by email, or meet them via pen & paper, and chat messanger...etc.

10. Become Good Speaker
More you write about yourself and various topics relating with your knowledge and interest, you will gain about your business. This knowledge will give you the confidence you need when it comes to conferences or workshop where you can share your topics to others. It help to improve yourself to be better.

Source photos by flickr  and ishockphoto

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shownmike said…
Hearing Aid Reviews
thanks for sharing do follow blog list... I use all of them for my website.. All blogs approved my comment instant..
Sam the Deaf said…
Keep up, everybody will hug you! lol
I have my some reason for have my blog doing in network social.
Selina Wing said…
Thank you everyone! :D Yeah, as Deaf role I keep Deaf Malaysians to share and express their opinions with other Deafs. :) And encourged Deaf can be successful.