Movie Review: The Viral of Factor ★★★★

Summary - In Jordan, Jon Man failed mission to protect a scientist who has stolen a copy of the smallpox virus. Jon severely injured and the scientist kidnapped by his traitorous colleague, Sean. The bullet is lodged in Jon's brain will paralyses him within two week and he decides to spend his final days with his mother. Jon's mother revealed to him that he has a long lost brother Man Yang whom she left behind with his gambling addict dad Man Tin. To fulfill his mother last wishes, Jon decides to track Man Yang down in Malaysia.

First time, they make this movie filmed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last year! It attracted crowds of fans in waiting for this movie to release in the cinema because they want to know where place will be filmed in Kuala Lumpur! Wow, it is really real to get many explosive and dangerous actions in the roads, streets, LRT station, Train station and famous shopping malls; Pavilion and KLCC which have alot of people walking around the actors!

Haha, it's crazy to do the actions, like fighting with the policemen, police cars, patrol guys, and many...! It is my first time I watch a scene about the explosive of gas while they busy shoot each other in the traffic jam KL!! Clever, the villain Sean used the old building are suitable as the research virus lab in Pudu!

This story really are very great to make you feel cry, because the ending are really touching and get emotional when the brothers have to suffer alot in their life. Jon Man has a bullet lodged in his head that cannot be removed and that will paralyze him within a few weeks. So, he knew this then he decides to help his older brother to get be reunite with his important family. They never stay together since their parent are separated but they still feel something want to be together as always in their heart...!

The Viral Factor” is a well-rounded, emotionally-charged blockbuster from a director at the top of his game. All of his set pieces are exceptionally thrilling and remarkably well-staged, and, incredibly.

The Viral Factor comes highly recommended!

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Selina Wing said…
Yeah, suara komputer. It is really good explosion action in Kuala Lumpur on first time! :P
Irfan said…
I like action movies and i think this one will be in my favourite movie shelf.
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Selina Wing said…
It's better if our local director can make new movie - more action in KL, like this! :D