Inforgraphic: How Higher Education Is Going Digital

Today, many people addicted to the social media, and also using the gadgets too! We are living in the social media & technology age?  We always think by ourself, "What changes the education if we are using the digital tech to improve the classroom?" In Malaysia, our school, college and university still use the textbooks, but the textbooks really are heavy when the students bring on everyday!

If they use the tablets and laptops, it would be good information for the students, they can download more eBook and digital textbooks from the education online portal website. but the disadvantages are the tablets are very expensive and need the internet to connect, so the schools in Malaysia cannot afford this.

For the universities, they can give the learning education online for the students. The classrooms also have the projectors and digital materials. They allowed the laptops which connected to the WiFi in the university only. The lecturers and students also can communicate each other via the chat messaging, forum, email, online education portal, using the webcam and many. This is very good for Deaf and disabled students who get the chance to study in the course which they like!

Sometimes, I downloaded eBook into my computer or laptop when I am free. But, I prefer to read the book! My room got alot of books! I still buy new book which make me interested in only!

I think that real books are expensive than eBook? In future, Deaf schools can have the digital education?

The folks at have compiled the infographic below that explores the pros and cons of various platforms and technologies that have found their way into the halls of higher education.

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