Happy Valentine Day Infographic

For couple, the guys spend twice for their girlfriends! For singles, they can spend money with their friends, co-workers, and others too! Mostly, the girlfriends also giving the chocolate for their boyfriend!

Wow, many people bought the gifts; jewellery, and dining restaurants than flowers, clothing, greeting cards, candy and gift cards! I think that some girls like jewellery mostly? I think that Deaf people can afford to buy one for their loved one on every Valentine Day?

Many people always go to eat the expensive restaurant when they celebrated the Valentine Day. So, it is romantic love for the couples, family, and best friends. It is normal for them always go shopping and dining at the restaurant in Malaysia.

You know, the pet owners always bought gifts for their pet as best friend! They still love their pet because they always play together! Do you read The Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet novel before? The Italian city of Verona, where Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters a year send to Juliet on Valentine's Day! I never read the Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet novel, but I always read another novel written by Shakespeare.

Do you know?  If you like someone, you can kiss on lips and fingertips because both are most sensitive parts of body! Try one if you are brave. Maybe it is really good chance to make you get someone fell love on you if you kiss one of your fingertip or hand! If you interested in someone, you should to take your courage to be with someone! Haha!

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