Chi Hao Dian Dim Sum Yum Cha @ Kuchai Avenue, Jalan Kuchai Lama

Morning, my family and I went to the Chi Hao Dian Restaurant @ Dim Sum Yum Cha. First time, I eat the dim sum at Kuchai Lama. My mom said this restaurant also get good interior and beautiful decoration inside! We want to go inside the restaurant but too many custromers took many seats so full. We have to sit at outside, okay and lucky not very hot too.

Do you know about the 8TV Ho Chak had review on their food and restaurant? Yes, many people went to this restaurant because it is famous about the different of dim sum, which we never see!

There are also many beautiful teapots at the self service chinese tea corner. You can choose a pretty teapot. It get 5 different types of tea leaves in glass bowls of your choice, namely Xiang Pian, Du Shu Xiang, Lui Bao, Tie Guan Yin & Pu Er. Then, you can get hot water from a big pot of boiling hot water! This is very is impressive and refreshing idea. impressed us. It can attract more custromers get to take hot water again!

How we order the dim sum? We given the menu then order via paper and pen only. Easy. When it is done, a waiter will come to check on menu paper. Then, they will deliver the dim sum to my table. This is what custromers are ordering on the menu paper. I really like the taste of dim sum so delicious! Especially, hakka dumpling and Char Siew So. First time, I see the small abalones on Siew Mai, become "Abalone Siu Mai"!

After that, we enjoyed to eat and can refill hot water inside a teapot again. Then, we went to the, the walkway to restroom also get nice decoration, using the steam baskets with miniature Chinese Cheong Sam and a steam baskets with mirror too! It make us feel back to the classic China!

Finally, I paid the bill came to RM 56.20 inclusive of service 5% + tax 5%. Then, I got a red angpow and business card! I don't know what it inside an angpow. Oh, this is a voucher RM 10.00! If you pay more than RM 50, you can get a voucher. Good promotion in an angpow! :P

Please visit their facebook at
Restoran Chi Hou Dian Dim Sum Yum Cha (Non-halal)
Block KA2,Kuchai Avenue Lot 1-10 No. 39,
Jalan Kuchai Maju 13 Kuchai Enterpreneurs Park
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Open from 8:00am -5:00pm (daily)

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