Beanie Plex @ TGV Sunway Pyramid

Photo credited by Sam Leong Photography
Many people are talking about BeaniePlex @TGV Sunway Pyramid because they saw the photos in Potter SamLeong 's Facebook! So, I planned to review this for Deaf community who curious about BeaniePlex. Sorry, TGV don't provided the discounts for the disability people (Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU)).

If you want to watch the movies in Beanie Plex Hall, you just check the TGV website at or read the newspaper, to find where movies are showing in [B] = Beanie Plex. Same as the screen timetable that you checking at TGV, Sunway Pyramid.

I came to the Sunway Pyramid so early morning because I knew many couples and friends want to booking this! I am checking the screen with a staff at cashier after I was queuing so long...I found out that the Beanie Plex are limited to two movies in two halls only. It is not easy to get one?

I bought one seat for RM 38 (RM 19 per person). I felt that the price are expensive. Nevermind, I just get new experience to try Beanix Plex only.

Normally, the tickets are preferably sold to couples or two persons. Eg. two friends, or family person can sit together. If you are alone, you still can buy RM 38 to sit alone so enjoyable! You can be sleepy, like sleeping on the bed! Don't worry, the Bean Bags are cleaned at least 2 times a day.

First time, I experienced to sit on BeanBag, but I felt like sleeping on my bed while I watched the movie, "Safe House". It's very big for two persons to enjoy to watch so enjoyable. :)

You can bring your friend or family to try BeanixPlex at Sunway Pyramid. Good Luck! I heard that Beanie Plex will be available in One Utama soon.

About BeanBag from FREEASY:
"FREEASY proud to collaborate with TGV Cinema on this remarkable achievement. First time, TGV launched BeaniePlex, a brand new and first beanbag cinema in Malaysia which located at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang. And also be available in Sunway Pyramid and Tebrau City only. Official Site:"

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useful info..thanx Selina for sharing this!
Unknown said…
Checkout the new look of Sunway beaniplex tgv here
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing this. I've always wanted to know more about this! I'll try it too! :D