You Help Others, You will get Good from Others

I am really like this youtube because it is very powerful message for everyone! I would like to share it with my readers too~ Do good to others and they will in turn do the same to others too. You noticed a guy with orange cloth who help a kid, then a kid go help aold lady, then go to others.... until a guy with orange cloth get the good help or lucky from a waiters! He is really happy and felt lucky! It's like CYCLE LIFE of helping the others!

"Give because you want to give. Share because you want to share. Help because you want to help. Love because you want to love. You will get thanks from others"

Every time, we can do good to others and light up a smile on their face. So, you will be happy when you see a smile on your friend's or stranger's face. You will get a happy and smile from others, correct? 

The world can be a cruel place and it moves fast. Everyday, we always busy to work and focus on your plan until we always forget that the important things like this bring wonders to the world. If you do an act of kindness a day would make world a better place!

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