Social Sharing Trends 2011 Infographic

This social sharing infographic by AddThis, the immensely popular social sharing service developed by the Washington, DC-based Clearspring.

No wonder... Facebook still be popular. One day, it will take over our world! Haha. Still many people used Chrome and Firefox browser because both are cool and fast!

Sharing via mobile, eg iPhone, iPad and Android still growing up on this year. They still use smartphones to be online on anytimes! My sister also love iPhone 4 to can connect Internet so easily! She don't want to let me borrow her iPhone 4! -_- Wah, iPad 2 still be famous. They enjoyed to play the games apps,call their friends via FaceTime and can access social media? :P

In 2011, I sure never forget about Royal Wedding, and Japan Tsunami because both are very popular and most people watched the meaningful and expression of news in TV, mobile and Internet!

Sad, Steve Jobs leaves our world but, thanks to him for bring a great inspiration of life to us!

What do you predict will change in 2012?

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