Movie Review: Puss in Boot ★★★★★

This story is about long time before Puss meet Sherk, Puss in Boots who is a fighter, lover and outlaw, sets on a journey to pay a debt to his hometown, San Ricardo, for a crime he has committed in the past. He hopes to find the three magical beans which will bring him to the Giant’s castle because the castle houses a goose that lays valuable golden eggs that Puss and his closest friend, the deceptive Humpty Dumpty , have been searching for years. When Puss reunites with Dumpty and meets the sassy Kitty Softpaws, he agrees to work with them to get a better shot at accomplishing his goal, and to give his friendship with Dumpty a second chance....

Many people really love "Puss in Boots" from Sherk movies, that is why "Puss in Boots" picked as "Most Cute Puss"! Many animal lovers still want to say, "it is very cute if it stare me with these cute eyes!" 

I really love Puss when he is cute kitty because the big kitty eyesmight get to you, too! It reminded me to take care of my pet, Miu Miu! When she is small and almost 1 year old, she love to play around me and my sisters! She is naugthy. Like "Puss in Boots"? Haha.

Puss In Boots is very good story, sure make the kids love to watch this! It's great comedy because some funny about what we get to know about the cats’ behaviors and mannerisms with precision! They are all too funny to describe. The movie is very fun to watch~

Puss and his closest friend, Dumpty  hated each other because their past? Dumpty is very greedy and never think about the others, his personality sure different than Puss. But, they still be great friend! I like cute Kitty Softpaws because she is clever and fast than Puss! Maybe they will be reunited again in next movie?

Miu miu is sleeping...ZZZ so cute!

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