Nokia GEM Smartphone is very futuristic!

Nokia introduced new concept of smartphone called "GEM" because it looks as GEM cystral glass.. We can see what and how the user interface can be work in action with the new Nokia GEM concept. For me, Nokia just showed their idea to test new GEM smartphone brand Nokia if you like it or not.

This kind of shape looks like a mini beer glass. Any apps, texts and images can be around the front or behind of Nokia GEM...  You can touch to move where as you like when you use it.

If you run the camera app - the Nokia GEM will look like a camera, she can take a photo and make it turn into a wallpaper for her smartphone casing! Cool... If she selected a map app will turn it into a GPS system. Text and images can be wrapped around the contour of the device, which can lead to some interesting interactions being used on the smartphone.

Most interesting and exciting is the way the Gem interacts with other smartphones. It can connect with who can accept to share the social media only. You can enjoy to touch at all GEM! What do you think of new concept "GEM"?


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