Infographic: Google vs Facebook on Privacy and Security

I posted my article about Google VS Facebook and explored both before. Today, Google Plus get to provided the features; Game Applications and Page, alike Facebook. But, the Google games looks very simple and clear. I also can make circles for some friends so easily. I think that better to create Google Page when I am free only.

Who will be winner about Privacy & Security? Veracode Application Security created an infographic about the details of Google and Facebook handle Privacy and Security. They check if Facebook and Google can make your Personally Identifiable Information which is protected or not.

OMG! Google is WINNER?! It's real because many voters choose Google than Facebook... Be honest, I enjoyed Facebook than Google Plus because my Google is very quiet~~ Haha!

You know, many hackers want to hack accounts on Facebook, so you make sure to set your own privacy and security; https on your Facebook account. Remember, you should NOT click on short url on your friend's status, feeds, porn links, and links which given by friends in the message inbox. If the bad image tagged at yours, you MUST remove a bad image from your status or photos.

You need to be careful and please think twice before you play on Facebook and Google because they are very popular in our Internet.

google facebook privacy security
Source: Infographic by Veracode Application Security

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Rhonda said…
Everyone I know has "bought in" to Google + and I wondered why. Thanks for breaking it down for me!