In Deaf Malaysian's heart, Mr Tan Yap as Father of the Deaf in Malaysia

Happy Birthday to Father Tan Yap 11.11.11 ~!

Everyone sure know about who are him because he sacrifices his job to learn more about Deaf culture and sign language. My mom also work as teacher for a Deaf school before that also knew him too. We, Deaf Malaysia still call him, "Father Tan Yap" until now.

He wanted to help the Deaf people in Malaysia to gain better education. He started his first school for Deaf in Johor Bahru for the Deaf dropouts and students. He also trained some hearing teachers and interpreters to learn the sign language, in order to increase their awarnese for the Deaf community Malaysia.

He also mentioned about the deaf community was hardly noticed at all until 1960s in his past time. Many treated Deaf people as 'stupid' or 'low-status' community and ingnored them. Not deaf only, the disability community also same too. That is why he make Deafs wake up from 'sleeping community' and take  first step to be brave to face with the hearing community in Malaysia.

Thanks to Mr Tan Yap. We, Deaf can get our human rights which supported by the government Malaysia, and education to lead us to get better job. We also get the help of interpreters from Malaysian of Federation Deaf (MFD) and NGO organsations; Community Service Centre For The Deaf (CSCD) , PMY ymca and others . The service interpreting still improving for Deaf community Malaysia until now.

Father Tan Yap showing a book on how sign language can be used to communicate with the deaf at his home in Petaling Jaya Thursday - Source by
Today, he always can hear a loud and clear from Deaf Malaysia in Facebook! He is 96 years old, and also celebrated his special birthday, 11.11.11!  Wow, he also is good at using his Facebook to communicate with Deafs! Great! :D

"Tan, who is adviser to The Society of Interpreters For The Deaf in Selangor and Federal Territory, believes age is not a barrier to learning new things, including modern technology. He said his birthday wish on 11.11.11 was to see the deaf being able to lead a normal life" - Source

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My son Victor (age 18) is still reading the book by Mr Tan Yap. Happy Birthday and good health to you Mr Tan Yap!!
Selina Wing said…
wow! It is great make everyone like to read book by Mr Tan Yap. :D