iPhone 4S VS Samsung Galaxy S2

Many people disappointed because they thought the Apple make new iPhone 5! They just launched the iPhone 4S only. X. I think that the iPhone 4S is very better than iPhone 4. Well, you know all about Samsung and Apple also are very great because their product always sold out about more millions! So, we focus about what features for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S.

Thanks to Soya Cincau!

Maybe you think Samsung Galaxy S2 are better. But, I heard about iPhone 4S's 8MP camera is seriously great! New iCloud also stores all datas in the iPhone 4S. And first time to introduce new voice - Siri, mean it can record your voice, it can write text messaging with your own voice only! Check more about Siri. For Deaf, they no need to use Siri.

I heard about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be coming soon! Maybe it will be better than Samsung Galaxy S2!

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