Final Fantasy XIII-2: New Adventures of Lighting and Serah & Noal

"Dive into a new quest through time and space to find Lightning and undo the end of the world in the new game Final Fantasy XIII-2"

New Adventures trailer finally coming out! You can see old characters; Snow, Hope, Sazh, Fang and Vanilia, which appear in this trailer! You will know why Lighting absorb into the time and space... I think that Lighting went into the Past time to make sure Fang and Vanilia save themselves in the Final Fantasy VIII-2? In the Final Fantasy VIII, Fang and Vanilia were awakened in the Gran Pulse before the start of Final Fantasy VIII. Fang recovered her memory about become Ragnarok in her past time, not Vanilia. I am not sure that they are oldest than Lighting, Snow, Hope and Sazh? When end of Final Fantasy VIII, it's sad about Fang and Vanilia become Ragnarok to save Cocoon, everyone and their friends, Ligthing, Snow, Hope, and Sazh.

That is why Lighting not happy with this story, so she went to another Final Fantasy VIII-2!

I think that Fang and Vanilia are different than Final Fantasy VIII?

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