8 Top Shopping Malls in Malaysia with Facebook Places!

In Malaysia, there are many  famous shopping malls that attracted the tourists and Malaysians who love to visit on everyday. They used the iPhone or smartphone to access the Facebook Places to like what is their favorite shopping malls when they are at their favorite place! 

With the, I check the Facebook Places in Malaysia only. It is really make me WOW about many Malaysians love to visit their famous shopping malls when they check in Facebook Places!

Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Pavilion is one of the famous shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur. Pavilion's eight levels are home to everything from the world’s most renowned brand names, like Tangs and Parkson; couture stores like Prada, Bulgari, Gucci and YSL. It also inspires your every sense with its choices in fashion, food and urban leisure. There are new Tokyo street just opened at top level 8, it also have many Japanese of famous retails that can attract more tourists who experience the Japan's history and culture! It is very expensive brand clothes, bags, toys and many, but I don't buy them and love to walk along the Bukit Bintang only. :P

KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

KLCC is our heart of country, Malaysia because it is one of Malaysia's most popular tourist destination, always have a lot of attraction places like Petrosains Discovery Centre, Aquaria, Petronas Philharmonic Theater, KLCC Park, TGV Cinemas, Kinokuniya, and many! It is very beautiful view of KLCC if you stay in the hotel near KLCC during the night only! Every Sunday, it always get a lot of tourists and families who come to KLCC to shopping inside Suria KLCC!

Mid Valley Megamall

Mid Valley Megamall, which is also a record holder for being the biggest shopping complex in South East Asia. It has 4 mega supermarkets; Carrefour, Jusco, Metrojaya and Harvey Norman. There is a big Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) also houses an 18 screen Cinema in the Mid Valley. Many youths and families really love to watch movie at GSC so, it always get FULL when my Deaf friends and I bought the tickets! Then got many like, state-of-the-art bowling centre, a One-Stop IT Centre, two mega food courts and also a mega bookstore called MPH. Every celebrations like Christmas, Hari Raya or Devepavali, they always do the big deco to attract more tourists come to Mid Valley! Check out on my photos at

Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

Times Square KL is a twin tower complex containing a shopping centre and five star hotel located in Kuala Lumpur. It also have a largest Borders store in the world. It also have the enjoyable of Theme Park, that let your family enjoy to play! It also offer the IMAX 2D and 3D Theatre that the movie lovers are given the opportunity to experience movies in a larger-than-life sort of way. With the 13 floors, you will see many different brand stores there so you enjoy to buy your favourite brands!

The Gardens Mall

It also connected to Mid Valley Megamal. It also have high-class shopping centre and four towers, the first housing a 6-star hotel, the second are housing residential suites and the remaining two housing office spaces. There are many restaurants inside the The Gardens too.

1 Utama

The 1 utama is very popular of shopping mall in Bandar Utama, that I used go with my friends there. I remembered that it have Old wing buliding only before. Today, it already be big shopping mall have Old and New wing. Normally people call Old or New wing so it is not confuse when they meet up with friends. It also have two cinemas; GSC and TGV so many people can watch the movie so easily.

The Curve

The Curve shopping mall also is popular of shopping mall, which is near IKEA, IKANO, Cineleisure Damansara, Power Centre, and Tesco only. It also got many stores, like selling the brand computers, clothers, shoes, books - MPH & Borders and etc. At outside The Curve, there are many restaurants and cafes, they can enjoy to eat food & drink or, they can go to the Cineleisure Damansara for watching the movie.

Sunway Pyramid 

It can be recognised designs is the Egyptian-inspired Pyramid with a lion "standing guard" at the entrance. I also like this idea to make this shopping mall get all Egyptian-style of building. It also next to Sunway Lagoon - Theme Park. Many youths love to shopping at Sunway Pyramid because there are getting the Asian Street, indoor ice-staking and different retails, like cool and cute fashion, accessories, shoes, jewellery, timepieces, music, videos, gifts, souvenirs, leathers, books, pharmacies, electrical products and a one-stop IT center.

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