GoMeasure with Google Analytics in Kuala Lumpur

GoMeasure is one of Google's annual event, which through their shared some tips to maximize the use of Google Analytics, as well as allows users to increase their income, with more than optimize their web sites.

Do you know what is Google Analytics? It help you monitor your website's performance for the statistics of visitors and understand how each of your online traffic pieces work together in Google Analytics.

See the youtube about "Beginning Analytics" with the closed-caption that help you to understand when you use Google Analytics on your first time.

The local and international web analytics professionals and speakers from the Google Analytics team also give the tips and insights, like how analytics helps drive value through case studies from the travel, fashion, retail, technology, and telecommunications industries. Wow, many bloggers and companies went there to listen what they share about Google Analytics. My hearing friends also go there too!

Sad, they don't provide the friendly services, such as sign interpreting for Disability and Deaf users.

The list of presentation files have been set by Google at GoMeasure Kuala Lumpur on last Thursday, 8 Sept 2011. Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar uploaded the presentation of GoMesure for you all so you can learn more from their presentation. Thanks to him!

  1. GoMeasure 2011 Keynote – John Jersin
  2. URL Tagging & Campaign Variables
  3. Defining and Completing Goals – Timo Josten
  4. Measuring The Mobile Visitor – Nash Islam
  5. Measuring Social – John Jersin
  6. Measuring Trends – Nagalakshmi V
  7. Defining and Completing Goals – Timo Josten
  8. Landing Pages That Work – Vijay Ayyar
  9. Designing for Conversions – Jereme Wong
  10. Mobile Landing Page and Site Usability Tips – Marc Woo
  11. Page Speed Light, Speed Path To Conversions – John Jersin
  12. Google Analytics Certified Partner Program – Timo Josten
  13. 12 For 2012 – Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar
  14. Google Analytics 101 - Bertrand Tay
After learning from them, I am checking my blog, Selina's Wing with Google Analytics. Wow, they introduced new interface dashbash which have new like traffic sources, content, site search, event tracking and goals! It is better than last time I used old interface! With this results, I get to know about where users come from, what browser, network & mobile they use, etc... See my testing of results for Selina's Wing

This is very good results to make you can improve your blog with Google Analytics! If you know how to increase your earning from this, you can do research about how to make better performance!

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