Monopoly your Business with Foursquaropoly

Cool!! Monopoly is my favourite board game when I am kid! My sisters and I enjoyed to play Monopoly game which my parent bought for us! It help us to think whether we want to buy shops, hotels or lands to increase our business.

You know what is Foursquare? The Foursquare is location-based social networking which allow the users who use the smartphones to check in their location which they visited. Their check-in awards will get points and badges that make they can play to become "Mayor"! Their check-in of location can posted at Facebook and Foursquare. I am using the Foursquare to check-in my favourite place when I am available for Wifi connection only. Sometimes only. Lazy haha.

Some developer of Foursquaropoly decided to make new mobile gaming app that combines the Foursquare API with the gameplay of the Monopoly board game. So, their idea are making the Foursquaropoly bring the players can buy and sell Foursquare check-in venues, and collect rent based on the number of check-ins at each property in the real world.

When you start to play this, you have $ 100,000 to check your property which can bring you gain big money into your business! For example, you bought CupCake shop with price, then you can earn money by collecting the rent from each foursquare user who check in your CupCake shop that you owned! But, you sure get bills that you must pay in order to keep your places. So, it is very interesting app - Foursquaropoly! Fun~ :P

In order to bring the board game back to life, we introduce Foursquaropoly, a gaming app which uses Foursquare to make you the game piece and your city the board. Visit the official website, Foursquaropoly 

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