Fleapy help you get to find cheapest price of AirAsia Malaysia

Many Deaf Malaysians still use AirAsia to buy the cheap air tickets. With this, they get to save money when they enjoyed to travel with AirAsia. AirAsia still got alot of visitors who always check the cheapest price on everytime. My colleague always check the prices on AirAsia and confirm to get to see cheapest RM 10 only! Sometimes, you get lucky to get the zero or cheap price on AirAsia. You really want a good chance to get cheapest price?

Fleapy introduced to help you can get to know which is one cheapest of price when you select the destinations! If you hunt for zero fares, you will get it so easily!

For example, I saw that the cheapest price for month December 2011 is RM180, but when I go into Airasia's site, its RM 160 which is less than 180! However, I try to go into airasia's website to confirm this, then it's correct! "The Golden Promo gold button shows that the flight fare may appear lower than the lowest fare of the month and it has a limited number of tickets left. Snatch it before its too late - Fleapy"

Better, you always check from time to time on Fleapy before confirm go to AirAsia website.

It allow you can see the list of prices from 2011 till 2012! So easy to make you can plan on next year! Deaf Malaysians sure will happy with this!

First, you go to the website, Fleapy

Then, you can select venue of departure and arrive as you like. Try it out only. I choose "Jakarta" and can see from now till year 2012! Wow, it is really helpful to get know how much price.

I noticed that Nov 2011 is cheapest price, that try to select this only. If Airasia got the special promotion "Zero" on next October 2011, you can re-hunt the Zero again.

It allow you can choose time for departure and return. It's easy. You will see a golden button if you are lucky to visit Fleapy on everytime.

If you confirm to buy a air ticket, you select "Book Flight" to lead you to the Airasia website. It's really correct for me to get RM 64 only! It's very good to help you go there so it save your time!

Deaf friends, you better try this out! :D For me, Fleapy is a simple interface website that help you to search for cheap air tickets so friendly.

[via lowyat forum]

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Fleapy said…
Hey there Selina! We are really really happy that you took the time to write about Fleapy and feature us on your blog =)
Glad that you love the interface and happy to know that, you find searching for Air Asia ticket becomes so simple.
Once again, thank you so much!