FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 will come on 31 January 2012!

Square Enix finally announces the release date for Final Fantasy XIII-2. It will be out in Japan on 15 December 2011 so, Malaysia and Singapore will get Final Fantasy XIII-2 on 31 January 2012.

Both PS3 and Xbox at price of 7,980 yen (RM 319.79).

See new trailer, Paradox Alpha Fight Gameplay Movie for PS3 - How Serah and Noel fight with their enemies so it is better than Final Fantasy XIII?

And two old characters, Hope and Snow will be appear in Final Fantasy XIII-2! Wow, Hope has grown a bit older but, he looks young adult. He still use his boomerang and wears new uniform. And Snow has a interesting hairdo, no need to wear a hat. See the youtube and interesting photos below;

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